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Get paid to post

Give your supportive fans exclusive access to your content via a monthly subscription

Speed & Security

Grow without restrictions

Better Collaboration

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About 6ixAngels & our platform

On 6ixAngels Platform, You as a Creator can let your biggest supporters become active participants by offering them VIP access to your contents. You give them access to exclusive content, community, and insight into your creative process. In exchange, you get the freedom and flexibility to do your best work while achieving your goals!


1. Create content

Easily record or upload your content to the platform, and that is it!

2. Post content

Simply take your created content and post it on your account for all your subscribers to see!

3. Get paid

Get paid! Get paid every two weeks from us. It's as simple as that

Faster Payouts

Content Security

Higher earnings

No Porn

Lifetime Referral Program

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  • TikTok

Promotion on 6ixAngels socials

With our large following of nearly 200k on 6ixangels instagram, as well as hundreds of thousands more across all social platforms, you'll be getting traffic directed to you for FREE.

Attract your audience from social networks

Promote your personal site on social networks to find the most loyal fans who are ready to pay.

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Convert free followers into paying fans

Engage members with free posts and gated content accessible through paid subscriptions.

Monetization Tools for Creators

Upscale revenue with private messages

Find out who is willing to pay more money for personal communication through paid messages with exclusive attachments.

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Raise extra income with real-time communication

Use private video calls or live streams to interact with members in real time. The longer you chat the more money you get.

Influencers sign up for free




Go directly to the influencer

Are taken as a platform fee

Are paid to affiliates

How much can you earn?

Here’s how you can make predictable and consistent income

*per month assuming 1-3% of your followers signup. This does NOT include other potential income through messages, tips, live , 1 on 1 call ...

Ready to join the 6ixangels platform
and create exclusive content?

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