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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Whether you are on a first date or celebrating your anniversary, or just on a regular date, these are some ideas which will make your date night very special and romantic.

1. Have a fairytale romance at 100-year-old Castle Loma

In Casa Loma, you can find the best old European elegance with gothic architecture and a beautiful garden. This castle was built in 1914 with a fantastic view of the city, and it is the only castle in town. Casa Loma is not used anymore as a normal city, but it has become a museum with several impressive suites, towers, stables, secret entrances, and in the end, a tunnel that is 800-foot long. You can also have a romantic tour of the castle and dine in at the BlueBlood Steakhouse, the best restaurant for dates.

2. Lavelle - A fancy rooftop patio

A special place for a date night, sitting 16 stories above the ground, and ample luxurious space with a perfect lounge bar, outdoor pool, dining room and cabanas. Lavelle has a beautiful panorama of the city, with a 360-degree view of the skyline. You can also take a dip in the pool at night, cocktails in a private cabana and a lounge. This rooftop makes our list special.

3. Rent a tandem bike on Toronto Islands

You can take a ferry to get out of the city, and you will find many different places in Toronto Islands to explore. As a couple, you will find several things to do on the island, starting from Hanlan's Point beach, which is the only official clothing-optional beach in the city, chasing each other through the mystery maze, and also you can find more and more small places to have fun. Another idea that is so romantic is to rent a tandem bike to move around the islands, which is the best way to see all places.

4. A romantic picnic in Trinity Bellwoods Park

Trinity Bellwoods is the most popular and the best park in the Queen West area. It provides a very fantastic vibe which attracts a lot of young couples. Here you can enjoy a romantic picnic lying down in a blanket with your partner without missing the view. Also, for the people who like to be around by many people, this park is the best place to be as there are a lot of different people all the time. Also, you can grab some tasty ice cream at iHalo Krunch next door and enjoy it in the park.

5. Canada Wonderland - For the adventurous type

Are you and your partner the adventurous types? Do you love sensation and thrill seeking? Canada’s Wonderland is the largest and most exciting amusement park with hundreds of different activities filled with action and enjoyment. You should try the Yukon Striker, the world’s highest and fastest dive roller coaster to pump your adrenaline up and prepare for the 3-second hang over the massive 90-degree angle. Did someone say food? Canada’s Wonderland offers endless food options from classic burgers to healthy options and vegan food lovers.

6. Night Concert

You want to have a great night without distractions? Toronto R&B Sounds is a series of concerts all around Toronto featuring live performances from different Toronto R&B musicians. What is the best part? The event takes places in a diverse ambient setting such as old lofts and historical buildings with high ceilings, exposed brick, and persian carpets. Toronto R&B Sounds will offer you and your special person the experience of a private and special concert. What are you waiting for? Book this activity!

7. Distillery District Night Walk

The best date walking needs a particular place, such as The Distillery Historic District, the most famous area in Toronto. You can walk together on the lovely of each other along cobblestone laneways lined with different design shops, boutiques, and art galleries. Then, enjoy the place while sitting and talking with your partner at one of the coffees or restaurants with a charm that makes you feel the Victorin-era distillery type.

8. Helicopter Night Ride

This tour is for two people, which will take you on a 15 kilometres journey past the tallest buildings in the town and most of Toronto's major attractions. There will be for sure an incredible view of the Toronto Islands and the harbour as well. It goes around the CN Tower, Roger's Centre, Royal Museum, Air Canada Centre, and so much more which you have to enjoy. It is a great choice as a date night.

9. A romantic night at The Broadview Hotel

If you and your partner need some alone time to relax and get to know each other better The Broadview Hotel can offer that experience. Book a night there to have a romantic getaway from the busy streets and loud night life in Toronto. The hotel offers luxurious suites with some romantic vibes such as a totally private spa for you and your partner to enjoy and relax. You can go out and explore the gems of the east cost of downtown if you haven’t been to that part of the city yet. Don’t waste more time!

10. Cherry Beach - Sitting on the beach, and looking up at the stars if you don't end up canoodling, you're doing it wrong.

Cherry Beach has the cleanest water over Toronto beaches and is called the Blue Flag Beach as well. In this place, you will find two different moods, one which is when it is empty and not many people around, so it is too quiet, and on the other side, you can find the most popular beaches in summer. There is a lot of space on the sand that you can walk, sit around the fireplace and cuddle with your partner, but you will miss the best view of the stars. If you also decide to join a party, in the summer there is a music festival every weekend called "Promise Cherry Beach".


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